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Soviet Air Force over Czechoslovakia 1968-1991 Part IDiscussion forumCzech text of this publication in PDF format.

Soviet Air Force over Czechoslovakia 1968-1991
Part I

Aleš Hottmar, Stanislav Mackovík

The title maps more than 20 years of Soviet Army or more precisely its Air Force stay in former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
The first part deals with the aerial part of Operation “Danube”, i.e. invasion of Warszaw Pact’s armies in the Czechoslovakia in August 1968 and with the formation of Soviet Central Group of Forces and its air units in Czechoslovakia in the beginning of 70’s. Air units are presented in a brief form especially their equipment and armament.
The text part is accompanied by deployment tables from several time periods and by number of photographs from invasion in August 1968 and from 70’s and 80’s.
Highly recommended for all students of modern Soviet aerial warfare in Central Europe during the Cold War and modellers.
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