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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part III

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D
camouflage & markings, Part III

Part III will focus in detail on a number of topics that are seemingly only loosely related to the main theme. However, we believe they are equally important, as aircraft were completed with camouflage and markings during the manufacturing process, and the relevant procedures were an integral part of series production. Consequently, the knowledge of the organisation of the Fw 190D production is essential to understanding the aircraft's widely differing camouflage styles and irregularities that could easily be listed as “nonsensical”. Based upon such knowledge we will attempt the reconstruction of camouflage patterns applied by individual manufacturers, highlighting the principal differences – this will be the key section of the coming monograph. Furthermore, technical differences between various batches of Fw 190Ds as a result of the widely dispersed production process will be described to the extent possible.
We will also focus on topics often passed over by other publications on aircraft camouflaging, for example:
  • “Stammkennzeichen” and other confirmed codes on Fw 190Ds will be dealt with;
  • We will attempt to identify Werknummer styles of various manufacturers down to the level of individual workshops;
  • The Jumo 213 engine production and its manufacturers will be introduced;
  • The system of the three-letter identification codes of Fw 190D and Jumo 213 manufacturers will be explained.
  • W.Nr. 210003 history
  • Etc.
The results of our latest research will be included in addition to these principal topics, and as a result the information included in earlier books will be corrected and further specified.
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