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0206Aviatik D.I & D.IIAviatik D.I & D.II

Monography of Austro-Hungarian WWI fighter covers development history of the type including extensive production under licence and operational service, camouflage and marking, all documented by technical drawings, complete service manual, photos and colour profiles of 26 airplanes.

pages: 112
language: English, Czech
publish date: 2002
0317B-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command ServiceB-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command Service

First part of extensive study prepared by Pavel Türk and Miloslav Pajer contains:

  • foreword by S/Ldr. Terence M. Bulloch, DSO&Bar, DFC&Bar
  • overview of Liberator’s versions delivered to UK and used by RAF Coastal Command
  • overview of RAF Squadrons using B-24 Liberator in maritime service
  • complete list and operational history of all 81 Liberators used by No. 311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron in Coastal Command service during WWII and afterwards

pages: 320
language: English
publish date: 2015
0418Messerschmitt Bf 109s of KG(J) 6Messerschmitt Bf 109s of KG(J) 6

The difficulties connected with implementation of Me 262 into operational service especially the lack of experienced fighters resulted in a rare process of retraining pilots from disbanded Kampfgeschwaders to jet fighters. The end of the process – combat sorties of retrained pilots with Me 262s – is described in the title “Messerschmitt Me 262s of KG & KG(J) Units”.
This study covers historical background of Kampfgeshwaders transfer into Kampfgeschwader(J) units with focus on KG 6 and KG(J) 6 and its training in the area of Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren. The historical text part is followed by detailed analysis of 16 Bf 106G-6, G-10 and K-4 used by the unit.

pages: 196
language: English
publish date: 2017
ISBN: 978-80-907049-0-9
0512Soviet Air Force over Czechoslovakia 1968-1991Soviet Air Force over Czechoslovakia 1968-1991

The title maps more than 20 years of Soviet Army or more precisely its Air Force stay in former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
The first part deals with the aerial part of Operation “Danube”, i.e. invasion of Warszaw Pact’s armies in the Czechoslovakia in August 1968 and with the formation of Soviet Central Group of Forces and its air units in Czechoslovakia in the beginning of 70’s. Air units are presented in a brief form especially their equipment and armament.
The text part is accompanied by deployment tables from several time periods and by number of photographs from invasion in August 1968 and from 70’s and 80’s.
Highly recommended for all students of modern Soviet aerial warfare in Central Europe during the Cold War and modellers.

pages: 80
language: English
publish date: 2008
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